Armando Rabadán was born in Seville, Spain in 1986. His work takes nature as a reference and he is inspired by artists such as Ellsworth Kelly, Sol Lewitt, Robert Mangold, Carmen Herrera, Kasimir Malévich, Anish Kapoor, Katharina Grosse, Gerhard Richter or David Hockney.

Armando Rabadán obtained a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Seville, but he finished it in Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar Üniversitesi of Istanbul, the city where he has been living and painting during years. He works with classic and current painting techniques such as oil, acrylic, spray and computers for sketching.

The landscape is incredibly inspiring in all their works, and he uses it as a starting point to investigate painting nowadays. He is interested in painting as a record of the process,  and the way that construction and deconstruction of ideas change the result.

His approach to painting is mostly from a perspective where predominates order, the economy of language and structural and functional purism. Armando is usually comfortable with a minimalist atmosphere and he reduces the landscape to simple and geometric shapes looking for its essence. For him, the landscape is a concept instead of a physical place. It is why his painting sometimes seems to be a topographic map, a mosaic of landscapes, an elementary geometry approach that talks about the influence of the city as a scenery, but even a romantic subject sometimes.

Armando Rabadán has received international recognition and his work is around the world. In 2015 he exhibited individually in the gallery of Hong Kong, Ap Contemporary. He has participated in Art Fairs such as Context Art Miami or Contemporary Istanbul, exhibited at the Elgiz Private Art Museum and he won first prize at the XIV Contest of  Young Creation of the City Hall of Seville, Spain.